Project Care Package


My Story

Growing up, I didn't have what other kids had but the thing that hurt the most was watching my mother struggle to make ends meet. She did the best she could with three kids and we still ended up in an unfortunate situation, homeless. Luckily, my brothers and I were adopted at the ages of eight, nine, and ten by a great family and things started to look up. This is the sweet version of my story but I tell it in hopes of sharing a clear message that nobody knows anyone's struggle. Nobody knows how hard someone has tried, or the unfortunate circumstances someone is placed in. All it takes is an extended hand to make a difference in the outcome of a person's future. My extended hand was my foster family, Most people don't have that choice. Together we can be their choice.




Making A Difference 

Together We Can Pave A Path For those In Need 

When you buy a Transparency Necklace, a portion of the proceeds will be put into the Project Care Package fund which aims to support struggling individuals and families with things like getting back on their feet, help with supplies, etc. When an opportunity to help is available, your donation will be assigned a "building task". Once that is assigned, you will receive an email containing who your donation specifically/anonymously helped. Any updates will be emailed to you pertaining the donation including anything that the person/persons would like to say about your generosity. 



If you know someone in need please reach out to us via email with a detailed description and some contact information. Subject the email Project Care Package.


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