How Long Does It Take For My Order To Be Shipped?

All Items will be shipped out within 3-4 business days of your order being placed and you should receive it in 2-4 days (standard) after being shipped. For custom pieces, the approximate shipping time will be determined once your custom order is received and confirmed.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes we do! When ordering wholesale through us, you will unlock special pricing. These prices are only available to wholesale orders and a minimum order requirement is required. You can email wholesale@beaudesignco.com with your interest and we will send you our pricing, details, and lead time.

What Happens If My Jewelry Is Damaged?

Great Question! BDC offers free repairs for up to one year after you purchase. All you have to do is cover shipping and handling. For repairs, shipping costs vary depending on your location. You can fill out this from and it will give you all the instructions on how to complete a repair.

How Much Is Shipping?

All shipping in the USA has a flat rate of $4.00. However, if you order is over $50, your shipping is free!

Do You Offer International Shipping?

Yes! All International shipping has a flat rate of $8.00. However, if you order is over $50, your shipping is free!

Is this Real Gold?

Oh you know it! All of our gold jewelry is either gold plated or gold filled. Almost all of our gold jewelry is either 18 or 24 karat with a few exceptions being 14 karats.

What Is The Difference Between Gold Filled And Gold Plated?

Gold Plated - A base metal like brass or copper is used to make gold plated jewelry. Once the base metal is rinsed, cleaned, and shaped, a nickel layer is attached to work as a “buffer” between the gold plating and the metal base. In the last phase, electroplating is used to deliver the nickel-plated base into a gold plating tank.

Gold Filled - Gold filled jewelry contains an actual layer of gold that’s “pressure bonded” to a core metal using pressure and heat. Unlike electroplated (dipped or plated) metals, gold filled pieces legally need to feature 1/20 or 5% of gold by weight. In terms of karat, the gold layer on the jewelry is 10k or higher. Gold filled pieces are much thicker than gold plated ones


Do You Offer Returns?

Beau Design Co. is committed to grade A quality and customer service. If you are not satisfied, you are able to return your item/items within 7 days of receiving your order and get a full refund if your order is in the same condition. If not, you will have to cover any loss in value. You can fill out this form and it will give you all the instructions on how to complete a return. For custom orders, conditions vary depending on your order. For more information pertaining to your order please email returns@beaudesignco.com.

How Will I Be Able To Track My Order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email containing your tracking number.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

For Credit Cards, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. All issuing banks must cary one of the accepted logos to be successfully processed. We also accept Paypal, Afterpay, and Apple Pay. If there is a platform that you would like us to look into, please email info@beaudesignco.com and we will be more than happy to look into that for you.

Please be aware, Beau Design Co. is committed to keeping your data and information safe. We comply with payment Card Industry Data Security Standards which is a security standard for organizations that handle credit and debit card information. The standard was created to increase controls around payment data to reduce fraud.

How Do I Properly Care For My Jewelry?

Well, all of our jewelry is Non Tarnish and can be worn in water, but keeping your jewelry dry from water, sweat and chemicals will maintain your jewelry's shine and quality. When cleaning jewelry, be sure to use your Beau cleaning cloth to avoid scratching. 

What If My Package Is Lost? Delivered To The Wrong Address?

Unfortunately, we will not be taking responsibility for any packages lost while in transit. For any packages that are returned or need to be repackaged due to change of address, there will be a five dollar fee.